ESOU 2015

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the annual meeting of the EAU Section of Oncological Urology (ESOU), which will be held in Munich from 16-18 January 2015.

We are very honoured that the ESOU Board decided to organise the meeting in Munich, an enchantingly sophisticated city with a baroque spirit whose inhabitants possess a unique sense of humour. This is, after all, the capital of "gemutlichkeit", the untranslatable tongue-twister that refers to the cosy manner of well-being and geniality. Originally named after a group of settler monks who set up shop by the crystal waters of the Isar River, Munich has at its core a huge pedestrian zone bordered by gigantic gates or "Tors". The colourful Marienplatz, in Munich's heart, is the site of the magnificent gothic Rathaus, crowned with a working Glockenspiel of jousting, dancing figures. Just around the corner are the tantalising aromas of the Viktualienmarkt (food market). So, besides the scientific programme, Munich has a lot to offer.

There are however even more important reasons why you should come! As usual, the scientific programme will bring an overview in the management of urological malignancies provided by top European and overseas experts. It is a unique opportunity to receive global information about all actual aspects in oncourology. Munich will provide the perfect backdrop to what promises to be a very interesting programme.

Please do not hesitate to include ESOU Munich in your diary!

Looking forward to meeting you.

Axel Heidenreich
Local organiser
Maurizio Brausi
Chairman ESOU




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